Friday, January 23, 2009

Vigomax forte tablet

The energizer for men
Help him surprise her.............
Help men regain their libido with Vigomax forte Each coated tablet contains:
Extracts of the following:Withania somnifer 200mgMucuna puriens 200mgOrchid lattifolia 200mgTribulus terrestris 225mgChlorophytum arundinaceum 100mgRicinus communis 150mg
Dosage :
one twice daily atleast for 20 days
Increases libido
Restores strength and stamina
Co-Rx with sildenafil citrate
Non hormonal and safe
Physiologic action of herbs in Vigomax forte
Aswagandha- Exerts a testosterone like effectKapikachchhu - Improves libido. heightens arousal and increase sexual activity and sustains it for longer time.Gokshur- Increases sexual behaviour and intracavernous pressure due to the androgen increasing property.Salep- A great restorative and invigorator and an aphrodisiac.Safed musli- An ideal aphrodisiac used for lack of libido.Erand- Increases testosterone.
Presentation20 tablets

Male sexual disorders- Yoga management
A sexual problem is which prevents a man from experiencing satisfaction from the sexual activity.Various sexual problems, common among men are Lack of desire, Ejaculation Problems, Infertility, Erectile dysfunction or Impotence.The causes, which can lead to the above-mentioned problems, are namely Physical health, Lifestyle, Medications, Psychological factors, and age.How Yoga Helps:
1. Pre-mature ejaculation-For treating it some breathing exercises, accompanied with meditation and naturopathy shall be helpful. Focus your attention on your breathing, feel its temperature. At night apply blue oil (suncharged) from the top to the end of the tailbone.
2. Lifestyle being a part of yoga is important too-Its better to reduce spices, and excess consumption of food items like mutton and chicken from your diet. Eliminate smoking, which constricts blood vessels, and limit alcohol intake, which can depress the central nervous system.
3. Impotence & Erectile dysfunction - Some yogic poses useful for such condition are: Asans (Yogic postures) - Sun Salute, Wind releasing pose, Abdominal lift, Anal lift, Yogic seal pose, Cobra pose, Shoulder stand, Plough pose, 4. Pranayama (Breathing technique) - Alternate breathing and Bellow breathing. It breeds confidence by clearing your mind and focusing on breath helping in being more aware of yourself. This position allows more oxygen-rich blood to flow from your lower body back up to the heart and the brain, so you’ll get reenergized and refocused. A complete branch of Yoga, called Kundalini Yoga, deals with harnessing the sexual power enabling one to get into meaningful relationships and enjoy sex. If mind and body are not in optimum health, an individual cannot have fulfilling sexual life. Yoga asanas and breathing exercises provide help in obtaining the optimum health state. The healing power of Yoga is so strong that people who are physiologically weak and to some extent or fully impotent may get back potency as they regain their physical health through Yoga. There are many individuals who approach sexual matters with a nervous mind. Such people are helped greatly from Yogic exercises and breathing practices.

Men sometimes find that they are not being satisfied by the sexual activities. There are many problems, which may be keeping them from having a healthy sexual life. Either they cannot get an erection, come too quickly, or they lack interest in sex. Other than medical, physical and psychological reasons diet and lifestyle also result in sexual problems.Various dietary and lifestyle modifications, which are required to overcome sexual problems in men, are: 1) Maintain good health. Avoid refined carbohydrates - sugary foods, breads and cereal. Emphasize on lean meats, chicken, fish, and a lot of vegetables. Limited intake of saturated fats helps to stay fit and avoid diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity. Homemade salad dressing consisting of flaxseed oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice is beneficial.
2) Multivitamin supplement improves circulation. Better circulation lets more blood enter the penis - and more blood leads to a stronger erection.
3) Intake of vitamin E may improve blood vessels of the penis as well as the heart. This will reduce the fear of heart diseases thus keeping you physically healthy and fit. It also helps in maintaining blood vessel flexibility, which is essential for normal erectile function.
4) Avoid drinking too much alcohol. It can affect your ability to get and keep an erection. In longer term, it interferes with the production of the male hormone testosterone, which can reduce the sexual drive and desire.
5) Avoid smoking as it damages the blood vessels and thus increases problems with erection.
6) Remain physically active. Inactivity contributes to poor cardiovascular fitness and may raise the chances of impotence.
7) Meditation and yoga is also very helpful in solving sex related problems. It helps you to maintain emotional and psychological balance, which is one of the main cause of these problems. Stress, anxiety, relationship problems, depression, guilt and fatigue are some of the problems, which can easily be taken care of by meditating and yoga thus helping you to have a healthy sex life.